Viviana Guerra

Parent Coordinator 


A native Guatemalan and proud immigrant, Viviana has always had a passion for helping others achieve their dreams. Her biggest drive is her two children Blake and Esteban and providing them with a better life rich with opportunities. Her oldest daughter Blake is a soon-to-be first-gen college graduate and LGBTQ+ member which she is the proudest ally of. Her younger son Esteban is a harp and violin player who volunteers at GALA alongside her. Over the last 10 years, Viviana has watched her two kids grow up with music and has seen firsthand how arts education and music have changed their lives. She is a certified life coach and has a diploma in psychoneuroimmunology and the science of happiness which she earned by being an online student at Tech Universidad, based in Spain. She loves spending time with her kids, cooking, reading, running, and being a voice for parents just like her.