Jacqueline DesRosier

Associate Director & Secretary


From a very young age, Jacqueline DesRosier has had a deep desire to help others. From raising funds for homeless shelters, putting together supplies for families in Haiti, Appalachia, and Mississippi, to working with refugees and students with disabilities, Jacqueline has always felt that her purpose is to make a positive contribution to society. Combining this passion with her love of music has led Jacqueline to pursue a dual degree in music education and French Horn performance, followed by a Masters of Arts in Teaching. Over the last 10 years, she has had the opportunity to apply her belief in social justice, educational equity, and the power of music to cultivate change in her work as both an educator and teaching artist with non-profit organizations and public school districts. Jacqueline now serves as the Associate Director and Secretary for Global Arts Corporation and continues to dedicate her life to serving youth and fellow educators through music.