Nurturing youth through musical communities



Global Arts cultivates a nurturing learning community for youth in underserved neighborhoods, centered around music, student voice, and personal development.

We Believe In

We believe that music can help provide life-long skills such as respect, communication, and responsibility. We believe that it provides students with the opportunity to discover their own voice and realize its importance. 

What We Do

We provide free after-school music classes to students in the Pico Union Neighborhood of Los Angeles. Our classes consist of ukulele, violin, viola, flute, clarinet, trumpet, and trombone.


Global Arts values and offers support to educators, students, and their families so that they may collectively and positively change their local and global communities through music.


Nuestra misión se centra en la equidad educativa así como también en la promoción de la transformación social. ¡Intégrate!


¡Nos encantaría contar con tu experiencia!

Whether it’s supporting our  staff, helping parents & families, or offering music lessons, we’d love your help.

Summer Fun

Your support matters

Nuestra sostenibilidad depende de personas como usted. Agradecemos de antemano su contribución, ya sea una sola vez o de manera recurrente.


Become a Music Buddy

Cubrirás el costo anual de las clases de tu "Music Buddy" y estarás en contacto con el/ella durante todo el año.


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