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Parent/Guardian #1

Parent/Guardian #2

This question is optional and does NOT affect your child's enrollment in the program. This information helps us when we apply for grants so we can keep Global Arts free for our community.

People Authorized for Pick-Up

Please list who is authorized to pick-up your child. By law, we cannot release your child to someone who is not a parent or legal guardian unless you have given us prior written authorization to do so.

Emergency Information

May your student be given the following if needed?

Medical Authorization

Should it be necessary for the student, parent(s), and/or guardian listed above to receive medical care while participating with Global Arts and/or any activities with which it is affiliated, I/we hereby give Global Arts personnel permission to use their judgement in obtaining that care. I/We also give permission to the physician selected by Global Arts personnel to render medical care that s/he deems necessary and appropriate. I/We understand that Global Arts has no insurance covering medical or hospital costs incurred by any participant and, therefore, any cost incurred for such treatment will be entirely my/our responsibility.