Dean DesRosier



Dean is a retired middle school educator. He decided to become a teacher because he enjoyed coaching youth baseball as a teenager. Dean was fortunate to begin his career as an elementary teacher in a community that was family/child centered and had a public school system that valued music and arts education. The following year, he became a middle school mathematics teacher, and found that he really enjoyed working with middle school aged students.

His life changed dramatically a few years later, when he met Cynthia Sweeney, a dynamic and innovative music educator, who had been hired to teach at his middle school. Cyndi and Dean were married the following year. (They have two children who are both talented musicians and outstanding educators.) Despite having no formal training in music, Dean has witnessed how studying music can positively affect a child’s success in school, and the life long impact it continues to have on many of their former students as well as their own children, Jeffrey and Jacqueline.