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Dr. Blake

The Library Concert Series Begins

Our brand new Library Concert Series started with a bang or rather, and oompah, with a visit from Dr. Blake Cooper. For many of our students, this was their first time seeing a live music performance, and most had never seen a tuba played before! Dr. Blake shared a wide variety of arrangements of songs, shared his experiences as a professional musician in Los Angeles, chatted about how to be an expert audience memeber, and even held a mini-clinic on breathing for our winds and brass players. Thank you Dr. Blake! We are looking forward to our next guest, Alex Rosales García, at the end of March! 

New Ukulele

Welcome to our Newest Class! 

In February we welcomed 14 new ukulele students to our program! These students are starting out on ukulele to learn music fundamentals, and will join the Winds and Brass class in the fall. This class is full of excitement and curiosity. They are currently learning F and C chords, as well as the song “Naranja Dulce”!

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Awarded Gold Transparency

We’re excited to share that Global Arts as earned a 2-22 Gold Seal of Transparency with Guidestar and Candid! Now, you can support our work with more turst and confidence than ever. Click here to see our profile. 

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